Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Our First House

We closed on our house on Friday, December 10.  I went over Saturday morning to take some pictures before the carpet was torn out so that we would have something to compare with after the floors are redone.

The view from the front yard.

This is taken from the front door which shows the living room and dining area.

From the dining area looking back toward the living room and front door.

From the dining room looking into the kitchen.

The backyard and the shed from the back door.

The main floor bathroom

Master Bedroom   

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Front Bedroom 

The back door from the top of the stairs.  The beautiful linoleum will be replaced with tile.

Double doors to the basement bedroom.  
Basement Bedroom

Looking into utility room.
Utility Room.
Looking into basement bath.

The small basement bath.


  1. Congratulations on closing on your first home! Thanks for sharing the "before" pictures. It looks like you two have gotten a very nice home, and it will be beautiful when you finish fixing it up just the way you want it. We're looking forward to seeing the process here on your blog. Remember, the offer to help stands!

  2. The weather is nice today, so Natalie and I headed out for a sled ride after lunch. We stopped in the shop to see Daddy and then over at your parents' house. I thought we'd enter to them hard at work in the basement. Instead, we found them both on their computers upstairs gawking and admiring your new home and blog! :) Such proud parents! So, Natalie and I headed home and what did we have to do right away...check out the new home as well! SO HAPPY FOR YOU TWO!!! Also, so excited to keep up with your lives via the blog. Take care and we'll see you VERY SOON!!!

  3. Craig can you believe that your bed room for 18 years had gold carpet? And now you bought a house with the exact same carpet. Seriously though, it looks like a really nice house, can't wait to see it.