Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Progress...sort of

We have been making progress that past few weeks... although it seems like most of the time we have been making more work.  We used to have a functional bathroom and now it is far from that.  The walls have had a lot of work done on them and are now painted.  The bathroom is ready to have plumbing re-routed and the floors have all had a rough sand.

The outer layer of wall paper was removed then the walls were skimmed and primed.
Our green room.  The rest of the upstairs is a light tan.

The built in cabinet in the hallway was removed to make room for the one piece tub/shower unit to get in.

All of the tile on the walls and tub surround was removed.  

The view from the living room once the sheetrock had been removed.

The tub was cast-iron which was a challenge to remove because of the weight.
A sledge hammer did the trick.
The wallpaper border from around the top of the kitchen wall was removed and metal corners were put on the doorway and mudded.
The kitchen without the wallpaper border above the cabinets.

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  1. Sweet...we're liking the progress, even if it is rather slow. The life of a remodel...don't miss it. We're still not done with our bathroom remodel out here at the farm! Soon though! Love the updates...keep us posted. And maybe a quick snapshot of that beautiful momma-to-be and her bump???
    HUGS to you both!