Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It looks different.

It is starting to look like a house instead of a work zone now.  The floors have been finished and the bathroom is just awaiting a vanity, toilet, and some finish work. 

The new hardwood floors in the bathroom.

Dad did most of the taping, which I didn't complain about.

The new wall in the hallway where the built in used to be.

Sanding the floors... very dusty.
The finished floor where the dog stains were.

Living Room

Front bedroom.

Master bedroom with new ceiling fan.
Looking into the bathroom from the hallway.  Still needs the wainscoting, vanity, toilet, and door.

The new tub/shower and Rod hooking up the exhaust vent.

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  1. What a great improvement on the floors! They are looking really good. Like the fan a lot, the rooms are all looking so good. Its becoming "home". Looking forward to seeing it finished and you moved in. love ya.